About us

The 1994 was the year, which established the further directon of Bloom s.r.o. The company has begun focus on sale of adhesive tapes at Slovak market. With the significant support of the producer of adhesive tapes whose products were known to us long before the year 1989, we gradually became one of the major Slovak suppliers of adhesive tapes. AERO branded tapes had become a guarantee of quality in the area of packing materials. The offer has also expanded of office and various tapes especially sticky notes. AERO tapes and notes had gained a foothold in Slovakia and in many other countries because of their quality, reliability, wide range of products and advantageous price.  The AERO offer was able to withstand the strong competitive pressure of cheap offer from Asia, but in 2015 it failed to survive the manufacturer poor investments in technologies unrelated to the production of tapes and notes. March 31 2015 AERO d.d. Slovenia has ceased production.

Immediately after the official announcement about the end of production of tapes and sticky notes in Slovenia we proceeded to replacement of each product in our offer. We focused on European manufacturers. When we were choosing new products we focused mainly on quality to match or exceed the quality of our previous offer. The next important task was to maintain wide range of products and reasonable price. Our new offer, interest and feedback from our customers are proof that we succeed. 

We are ready to provide you other neccessary information, advice and assistance in choosing the most suitable product. It is a matter of course to provide samples to test the suitability of adhesive tapes for specific purposes.

Pavol Strmenský